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About Retro Hugs

Thank you for visiting my Retro Hugs website. Retro Hugs is my shop where I sell handmade planner goodies!

I'm a 32 year old geek with a passion for games, planners and cute stuff! I also have a thing for flamingos, and retro/mid-century modern stuff.

I live with my family in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. I have a studio at home where I create anything that comes to mind.

My other website is my Rosana Kooymans blog and Rosana Kooymans shop, where I sell illustrations and plushies. I used to design websites for a living on Miss Design. I still design websites, just not for clients anymore.

I also have a Sims fansite called SNW (aka SimsNetwork), where I create custom content for Sims games, among other things.



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