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Coming soon

I decided to start a blog on Retro Hugs. I won't be posting a lot of stuff here. But I figured it would be nice to have a little dedicated space to announce upcoming content (could be either on Etsy, another store like Spoonflower, or even on my Retro Hugs site). So what can you expect from me in the next few weeks?

I've finished working on the WO2P horizontal and WO2P vertical inserts. I'm also done working on the MO2P inserts. And I'm nearly done with the DO1P inserts. I am planning to add matching inserts for favourites (like movies, music, books et cetera). And what I personally really need this year are wedding inserts, and travel inserts. Those are all being worked on at the moment, and I'll add them to my shop as soon as I've finished them.

Furthermore I have a load of new washis waiting for you. I just need to finish the inserts first, before I can focus on that. I'll need an afternoon to take some photos of the new washis.

Once everything has settled down again I'm going to focus on creating stickers again. Stay tuned for that! Also be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook to stay in the loop!

And finally, not necessarily Retro Hugs related, but definitely Etsy related (for my other shop Rosana Kooymans: Art & Design) I'm also planning to make a bunch of new plushies and prints/illustrations.