Flow Book For Paper Lovers #5!
Saturday, 7 October 2017 - 16:24

I'm a Flow subscriber. I have both a subscription on the regular magazine, as well as a Specials subscription. And today I got the new Flow Magazine (Issue #7), which came with a little promotional leaflet, announcing Flow Book For Paper Lovers #5! I loooove these books so much! It's probably my favourite Flow product. 😍

Now in 2015 I accidentally ordered the Book For Paper Lovers (Issue #3) because I thought it wasn't included in the Specials subscription, and I didn't want to miss out. So then I received two, and it left me confused. I then found out the Book For Paper Lovers was in fact included in my subscription (it wasn't before, hence my confusion). I ended up asking customer service if it was okay to send one back so I could get my money back on one of them. Although these books are nice, they are also kinda pricey, and the winter is an expensive time around here.

Last year I also got the Book For Paper Lovers (Issue #4) twice. Once because of my Specials subscription, and then I got another one in a Secret Santa celebration. So then I had two, again. I still do. There wasn't anything to return, one was a gift, and one was part of my subscription...

I wonder if this year's issue is also included in the Specials subscription. I hope so! It would save me some money. The next few months are going to be tight financially. With the wedding earlier this year, a new baby on the way, the holidays, and PlannerCon at the end of this month... I don't think I need to explain myself any further here lol.

Oh, before I forget, the 5th edition of Flow's Book for Paper Lovers will be available from 14th of November 2017! Write it in your planners!

Are you going to get this Flow Book For Paper Lovers as well? I'm really curious to see what's inside. 😊


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