Rosie (Retro Hugs) is going to PlannerCon Europe!
Friday, 27 October 2017 - 18:05

Some time ago I got the opportunity to go to PlannerCon Europe. It wasn't in the cards for me at first, because of our wedding and honeymoon earlier this year, and I'm due with our third child, so that's going to require some financial planning as well. But when I saw an opportunity to go to PlannerCon I couldn't resist. Last year I missed Plansterdam because I had a newborn. And I was a bit sad about missing Plansterdam. So I'm ecstatic that I'm able to go this year!

I'm definitely going to be there on Saturday (October 28), along with my hubby. Because of our financial situation (we're okay, just have to be careful) I'm still looking into Sunday. I wasn't able to book a hotel nor was I able to go by train. The cost was just too high for me at this very moment. Especially since I want to be able to spend a bit on the shops and stalls at PlannerCon when I'm there!

I'm currently discussing plans with a fellow planner lady about Sunday. I'd need to go by bicycle to Eindhoven station really early on Sunday, with all my stuff haha. Then grab the first train to Breda. And if I make it there in time, then I can catch a ride with this other lady to Brussels. We should be able to make it right in time for the raffle. Fingers crossed! This is my only and last option to attend PlannerCon on Sunday as well. And I really, really want to go both days.

Despite the fact that I'm very pregnant and chronically ill (so it will definitely cause havoc on my body, but I'll take that chance haha). I want to be able to attend all the talks and workshops. I want to join in on all the fun with all the others. I want to meet Erin Condren! Oh and I definitely want to participate in the raffle, too.

So fingers crossed!

But if I can't make it on Sunday, I will still be there tomorrow! Come say hi! I'm rather shy and awkward, but I won't bite (hard) and I am bringing some goodies with me to swap! Oh and I'll have some of my products with me as well (planner inserts and stickers) so if you want to see them in person, don't hesitate to ask!

Are you going to PlannerCon? 


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