Boho Berry Challenge (November)!
Wednesday, 1 November 2017 - 21:25

I came across this Boho Berry Challenge on Instagram and it immediately piqued my interest. If I can find the time and I'm not too tired, I will try to participate! I might skip one and then catch up the next day, depending on what's happening in my life.

So here's a list of all the prompts. As I'm doing them, I'll update the list with links to my entries!

  1. Me & My Planner
  2. This Month
  3. My System
  4. Why I Plan
  5. Daily Planning
  6. Favorite Tools
  7. To-Do List
  8. Something New
  9. Other Planners
  10. Not For Me
  11. My Planning Journey
  12. Pens, Pens, Pens!
  13. #Plannerfriends
  14. This Week
  15. Scheduling
  16. Habit Tracking
  17. Time Management
  18. Setting Goals
  19. Travel Planning
  20. Health & Fitness
  21. Where I Plan
  22. Holiday Planning
  23. Budgeting
  24. Inspiration
  25. Planning For 2018
  26. Testing, Testing...
  27. Decorating
  28. Measuring Progress
  29. Dealing With Overwhelm
  30. Lessons Learned

Now I can already see I won't know what to do with some of these prompts. So I might wait to see what others do with it, or skip it altogether. For example I don't really track my health & fitness (see number 20) at the moment. I'm pregnant, and I'm happy enough I'm still able to walk. The last thing on my mind is fitness haha! But we'll see! I'm still eager to participate in some of it.

You can follow me @retrohugs on Instagram if you want to see my Boho Berry Challenge posts! But I'll also be sharing them here on my blog!


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