I met Erin Condren!
Thursday, 9 November 2017 - 22:33

When I got the opportunity to go to PlannerCon Europe, I initially was only able to go on Saturday (and at first it wasn't even certain that I was able to go at all). I couldn't afford staying at a hotel, so going both days was challenging to say the least. And public transport from where I live just wasn't going to cut it time wise. I would arrive too late.

So on Saturday I went to Brussels by car thanks to my lovely hubby, who put up with lots of women screaming and squealing lol! 😂

But I was sooooo eager to go on Sunday as well. Mostly for networking. I need planner friends! And I wanted to show people my inserts and stickers. ❤ But I also really wanted to go because it's my last event/trip before our baby is born. Aaaaaand I also wanted to go because miss Erin Condren herself was going to be there! Obviously, I had to go on Sunday as well, because that was when she was going to be there!

Thanks to the help from Dees, who picked me up at the train station in Breda early Sunday morning, I was able to go on Sunday as well! I'm so grateful for that! 💖

Now after the inspiring key note from Erin Condren herself, we were invited to go to the shopping area downstairs (where Erin herself was signing and people were having their pictures taken).

I managed to get in line eventually. I got my planner signed, and I got my picture taken with her as well. She complimented my hair and my planner! ❤ I loved her glasses, they kind of match my own (even though I'm not wearing them during PCE).

I didn't think I would be such a fangirl (though, to be fair, I've seen women cry, so I wasn't the only one overtaken by my emotions lol). I didn't cry (though I nearly did; I'm pregnant, very hormonal, and she was really inspiring. And other women were crying, it was all just a big happy cry fest lol). I did however feel overwhelmed, in a good way. Before PlannerCon I hadn't given it much thought. I didn't think I'd ever meet her. And here I was standing next to her and talking to her. Her story was really familiar and relatable to my own. Especially her key note brought some tears to my eyes. She is also really down to earth and nice.

I'm extremely happy I went on Sunday. For all of the above reasons, and furthermore because of the goodie bag we got. Not so much because of the products inside (though those were nice too!) but mainly because of the discount code we received, which is why I was able to get a new ECLP. Money is tight at the moment, and with the shipping and import cost et cetera I wasn't going to get a new ECLP. Until we got that discount code. I also signed up for the pregnancy/baby journal giveaway during PlannerCon, something I wouldn't have been able to do if I hadn't been there! And fun fact, it appears that I won the giveaway! More about that soon! 😊


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