My PlannerCon Europe inspired spread! (Week 43)
Wednesday, 15 November 2017 - 18:45

I'm so proud, it should be illegal...

I downloaded the sticker kit for PlannerCon Europe some time ago. But seeing as I'm using custom inserts, the stickers in that kit aren't a good fit. On top of that, I found that it was also focused a lot on Brussels. Obviously I understand why. The PlannerCon Europe event ook place in Brussels after all, and most of the attendees were staying in Brussels because of this. I however didn't stay in Brussels.

But I did really want to use some of the kit (or at least the style?) in my own weekly spread. So I decided to recreate the cute red checkered/tartan/plaid pattern so I could make my own kit. I used similar fonts. I did incorporate a lot of quotes from PlannerCon Europe. And I couldn't resist throwing in some glitter references as well.

Because it was also my son Seth's birthday that week, I dedicated a few stickers to him and his birthday.

I finished it off with festive red glittery washi, some rose gold foil washi, and I added some actual red glitter from PlannerCon Europe lol! 😂🎉

I think this spread came out really nice!


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